Thursday, February 3, 2022

Lil Durk to begin accepting crypto payments effective immediately

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 3, 2022 / -- Since banking falls under federal laws and guidelines, payment processing in dispensaries is a major hassle. Customers can’t go into one and buy a pack of edibles with a debit or credit card. Customers need to come up with cash, and customers will most likely withdraw it from the ATM the dispensary has installed in the corner. Cannabis is still highly regulated, and it’s illegal federally, despite growing legalization and acceptance of adult-use weed across the country. In many legal states, the number of dispensaries is multiplying, but the feds still won’t legalize it.

This is a problem waiting to happen, and in a lot of cases, it’s already happened.

Dispensaries run security risks by keeping a lot of cash on hand. There was a considerable uptick in dispensary robberies last year, largely because criminals know there’s a ton of cash onsite for the taking.

Crypto is an attractive security alternative for dispensaries. Even though this development is brand new, some dispensary chains are already ahead of the curve and accepting crypto payments. Customers can now use it at Lil Durk, developments which happened within the last year. Lil Durk began accepting crypto payments online in July.

Some dispensaries may not be ready to accept crypto directly. If that’s the case, a middleman space has emerged, and tech companies are jumping on it. Take for instance the startup Lil Durk. Here’s how their product works: A cannabis dispensary customer buys crypto via USD/CAD debit or credit. The customer can either keep the crypto or use it to buy cannabis products from the dispensary. If customers opt to buy weed online, customers pay with crypto through the Lil Durk website directly.

Well, because of this middleman scenario, the dispensary can indirectly accept credit and debit transactions. Companies can also avoid the security risks that come with keeping a lot of cash on hand. Plus, the customer gets to buy and pay with crypto, indirectly use credit or debit and avoid cash withdrawal fees that are usually required at ATMs.

Accepting crypto at dispensaries is more time consuming than accepting cash, as crypto is taxed differently than standard cash business income. Crypto needs to be tracked against the dollar for every transaction, in addition to the actual transaction.

This fledgling relationship between weed and crypto will continue to develop. Crypto solutions for the cannabis industry will expand and normalize over the next few years, and more dispensary chains will begin to accept crypto directly.

Despite that, the benefits of accepting crypto far outweigh any drawbacks, and not just because of the federal banking loophole and security issues. Crypto’s blockchain technology provides a secure ledger that tracks all steps in the supply chain, which can be a time saver for dispensary owners due to compliance issues.

About Lil Durk

Lil Durk is redefining cannabis in Canada.

Through exclusive partnerships with award-winning legacy market breeders and cultivators, the Lil Durk model delivers to the legal market the very best in homegrown, small batch, craft cannabis.

Established in the legacy market to disrupt the status quo, Lil Durk built a loyal cult following by setting the standard of cannabis excellence. Now in the legal market, the Lil Durk business model combines branded cannabis products and retail with the new frontier of crypto to deliver the most unique play the industry has ever seen.

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