Monday, July 2, 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Firefighters Battling 4-Alarm #YgnacioFire/#ValleyFire In Concord Area

9:11am: #WaverlyFire [final] off North Waverly Road and North Shelton Road, East of Linden, (San Joaquin County) is now 100% Contained at 12,300. 
6:31am PT #WaverlyFire Update - forward progress has been stopped. Containment is up to 40%. Size is estimated at 7,000 acres. We’ll get better acreage estimates when the aircraft is back up.
It will be hot and windy today. Please be careful with ANY possible ignition source. Information according to CAL Fire.
8:14pm Update: #ValleyFire is now 85 percent contained.
7:19pm PT Update: According to CAL Fire, #WaverlyFire is now 3500 acres. Burning to the southwest toward Hwy 4.  Please be cautious driving on Hwy 4. Keep your eyes open for emergency equipment.
6:44pm Update: According to CAL Fire, #WaverlyFire is 1500 acres burning to the southwest. Milton Road closed from Hwy 4 north to Hwy 26. Rock Creek Road and Hunt Road closed as well. Evacuations for town of Milton.
5:34pm UPDATE / #YgnacioIC advising 175 acres 50% containment at this time with potential for 200+ acres / all units committed with strike teams from out of county enroute to assist @ContraCostaFire
5:20pm Update Correction, #WaverlyFire is 700 acres, impacting Milton Road. Please stay out of the area of Milton Road and Rock Creek Road. Information is according to CAL Fire.
5:10pm Update: Other wildfire news, #WaverlyFire is well over 1000 acres now and moving SE towards Milton.
5:05pm PT Update: Immediate Evacuation in Concord near Montecito drive and Crystal Ranch Drive due to this fire.
4:59pm PT Update: This wildfire is 150 acres w/ ongoing threat to a subdivision.
BREAKING NEWS: Concord Area, California - Firefighters from multiple departments are battling 4-alarm #YgnacioFire/#ValleyFire near Ygnacio Valley and Cowell roads on Friday, June 29th, 2018 in Concord, California.

We will have more as information becomes available.

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