Thursday, December 7, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: San Diego Area Lilac Wildfire Threatening 1,000 Structures, Dangerous Rate Of Spread

UPDATE 7:45am: Latest from CALFire, #LilacFire [update] Firefighters continue to make progress & assess damage. The fire remains 4,100 acres & 0% contained. At least 65 structures have been destroyed.
UPDATE 8:21pm: #LilacFire [update] The fire is now 4,100 acres & 0% contained. Three civilian injuries now reported.
UPDATE 7:53pm: According to CALFire, #LilacFire [update] The fire is now 3,600 acres & 0% contained.
UPDATE 5:37pm: According to CALFire, #LilacFire is now 3,000 acres.
UPDATE 5:29pm: In other wildfire news. According to Venture County Fire Department, #ThomasFire 115,000 acres with 5% containment. Total structures destroyed is 439 with an additional 85 damaged.
UPDATE 4:29pm: According to CALFire, #LilacFire [update] The fire is now 2,500 acres & 0% contained.
UPDATE 4:11pm: According to CALFire, #LilacFire [update] 20 structures destroyed.
#LilacFire [update] The fire is now 2,000 acres & 0% contained.
#LilacFire [update] Two civilian burn victims are in the process of being treated & transported.
BREAKING NEWS: San Diego County, California - According to CALFire San Diego Twitter, The fire is growing at a dangerous rate of spread with 1,000 structures threatened. Five structures have been destroyed & an unknown amount have been damaged. Hwy 76 is closed in both directions.

CALFire San Diego tweeted, We are exercising our agreement with the military to utilize their helicopters for firefighting operations. Also, we are exercising our agreement with San Diego Fire-Rescue to utilize their helicopter for night flying operations.

This fire 500 acres plus, 0% containment is in the area of Old Hwy 395 cross of Dulin Rd in Bonsall.

Stay tuned for more as this is an ongoing situation.

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